is simple to use

ADIDOGOME.COM is simple to use

Make your shows via the web and after the transaction, the exchange will be from hand to hand, by post or through intermediaries
So adapting to the African reality and Togo in particular, requests, registered on the site will be treated in specialized stores based in Lomé.
All you would have to buy on the site can be retrieved from a shop in Lomé from hand to hand or by mail, or through intermediaries
You will not necessarily need to give the address for your online shopping. The same principle applies to your sales: Products that you would sell on

The difference on is that it allows people living outside the country to meet the needs of young families back to the fold: instead, for example, to send money to your mother, cousin, aunt, etc ..... for buying a kilt, you can directly ordered the loincloth via the site. The family member will no longer has a ride in an affiliated store to retrieve the ordered gift.

Mr. Kalime Kpegouni
Software Engineer
Dipl. Bsc. Communication