About Us

About Us

The website ADIDOGOME.COM is a product of FESTADO GROUP whose general headquarter is based in Germany.
  1. ADIDOGOME.COM is based on easy way
  2. Online Shopping
  3. Auctions, so the highest bidder
  4. Fixed price sales
  5. Selling price negotiable
  6. Free Classified Ads
  7. Platform for economic and commercial operators

FESTADO GROUP is known under the name of
Festado IT & Business Dienstleitung and is managed by Ing. Festus Tamakloe.

Mr. Ing. Festus Tamakloe
Dipl. Wirt.-Inf.
Software & Systemes Engineer
Email: ft@adidogome.com

Mr. Kalime Kpegouni
Dipl. Bsc. Communication
Software Engineer
Email: kk@adidogome.com

Mr. Steve Dunya
Adidogome.com Africa Headquarter Director

Mme. Honorine Plakoo-Mlapa
Student at Wirt.-Inf
Adidogome.com EU communication manager
Email: hp@adidogome.com

Mme Isabelle Dzodzi Samtu
Adidogome.com Africa communication manager
Email: ids@adidogome.com